Asset purchase agreement indemnification

I’ve been an authentic estate investor over thirty years and I love selling a house over a lease purchase.

Indemnification Clause: Simply stated, the tenant props up landlord’s agent harmless because of injury to the tenants (as well as their guest and loved ones) and injury to premises their possessions.

In my opportunity, the real estate is belonging to a Land Trust. I am not the Trustee. I am a realtor of the Land Trust and merely doing what I’m told, from the Landlord and Trustee. The tenants can sue the Trust all they wish to but, I am this is the agent/trustee.

The only asset of the Land Trust is single property.

Bottom Line:
Be proactive to halt law suits and get it fast.

The exact paragraph and verbiage is within my Lease and below.

  1. INDEMNIFICATION OF LANDLORD/LESSOR, TRUSTEE AND AGENT: (If this is not within your current Lease, you may be held personally liable for a host of conditions could arise from owning this house. All my houses are titled in separate Land Trusts and I am not the Trustee; although, I am an Agent in the trust. The trust is in charge of all the bad stuff could happen but, not my family.)

All parties acknowledge and agree which the _ Land Trust, as Landlord/Lessor is executing this Lease Agreement. All parities further acknowledge and agree which the trustee(s) and/or the agent(s) on the Landlord/Lessor, is acting as a representative Landlord/Lessor, will not be personally chargeable for any agreement put into or action (or inaction) on the Landlord/Lessor. The trustee(s) and/or agent(s) shall not be chargeable for any reason or any action (or inaction) or even any extent pursuant for this agreement, any agreement or any transaction involving the Parties herein above named. Landlord/Lessor shall not be answerable for any damage or problems for Lessee/Tenant, as well as to any other person, as well as to any property, occurring around the Property. Lessee/Tenant agrees to carry Landlord/Lessor harmless from any claims for damages, apart from injury or damages which is why Landlord/Lessor is held legally responsible. Lessee/Tenant agrees to carry Landlord/Lessor harmless from any claims for damages attributable to acts of nature or those in the evening control of Landlord/Lessor.