Easy Steps of Quitting From Drugs And Alcohol Addiction


Substance abusers who decide to quit using drugs and alcohol almost always face difficult obstacles. Sunshine Summit Lodge, however, helps guests learn healthier coping strategies that allow them to live without relying on harmful substances. Quitting Substances in a Supportive Environment Sunshine Summit Lodge is located in Northern San Diego County at the facility of a former executive retreat. This means our guests get to undertake withdrawal in a supportive environment away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Many rehabilitation centers are little more than hospitals designed for long-term stays. Sunshine Summit Lodge is a retreat that lets guests focus on the skills they need to live without drugs and alcohol. Undertaking Withdrawal from Drugs and Alcohol Withdrawal is one of the most difficult stages of quitting drugs and alcohol. During this period, the body eliminates harmful substances that have accumulated through months or years of substance abuse. Most people experience depression, anxiety, and physical symptoms during withdrawal. Sunshine Summit Lodge helps guests overcome these withdrawal symptoms by giving them nutritious meals and access to a sauna that facilitates the purging process. This drug-free approach lessens the negative aspects of withdrawal so guests can start focusing on long-term sobriety. Learning Skills for Long-Term Sobriety During its more than 45 years of operation, Sunshine Summit Lodge has had a success rate of 76%. That high success rate comes from our commitment to courses and therapies that address the underlying reasons behind a guest’s addiction. In many cases, addicts need to learn new coping strategies that help them deal with life’s ups and downs without turning to chemical dependence. We use personalized battle plans that address each patient’s unique needs. Sunshine Summit Lodge remains committed to guests even after they graduate from the program. Graduates who relapse within six months of leaving the program can return for free. An internship program is also available for graduates who want to continue living at the center while helping others recover from their addictions. It is not easy to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction but Sunshine Summit Lodge is committed to their guest to release them from their addiction and help them even after they graduate from the program.

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