Tcs Onsite Deputation Agreement

1st: TCS does not offer the legal possibility for someone to leave the company while relying on the assistant who is wrong. TCS employees who are not TCS SLAVES, they have all the legal rights (unless they give it by signing this obligation) to give an announcement sufficient for the rebate and leave the company in any geography. The release of TCS on site is subject to U.S. law. No borrowing money. Join the customers` direct payslip. Complete the full -final tally to get a letter of proficiency for the green card. Doesn`t that mean that the only possibility for you in a situation like this is to step back and leave the being in the assistant itself? It must be written in the service agreement itself about what TCS can do if you join the customer within 2 years of leaving. I cannot comment on what they can do. They can either negotiate with you or file a case in court if they decide to go down that road. But according to the service agreement between TCS and Myself, I can`t reach the customer for 2 years.

If you`ve already finished a year, don`t you respond to the assistant`s letter? Many employees who arrive in the United States on assistants with TCS and other Indian IT companies, either on H1B or L1B, end up without respecting the legal agreements they have signed with their respective companies. Companies have lost a lot of revenue and experience because of these employees. Hello Xtcer, how much was the message for? and it`s for on-site Bond Break. I`m also in the same boat, please meet guys…. any impact that was known recently, someone left the Comp only on the spot and TCS was able to correct it (for all the crappy reasons and on the greed of the TCS)? Do you have any idea how much we have to pay in $s if we stop while we go to the U.S. deputy? I do not think the agreement gives a specific amount. NOTE: These days, TCS has stopped claiming the amount of the violation of the Overseas Agreement. Please let me know what will happen if I break the service contract. Hi guys, what I have to do after receiving legal advice from TCS to pay the Bruch amt bond (5L).

I want to get rid of it by paying a little, because they have already sucked me in terms of fieldwork. Proposal pl. what is, if someone serves 3 months on site, then if the exit process will be smooth/clean. TCS said that even after training, if a TCSer is assigned to a project, there is still a “continuous learning process.” “It is only after 2-3 years that the individual really begins to cash in on the investment he has made. For these reasons, a service contract is signed with the newcomer,” said TCS. I have a legal question about the TCS local assistant agreement.