Wake County Nc Separation Agreement

There are a few sites that allow you to design your own separation agreement with a form without a lawyer. That`s a big mistake. We have tried to help clients who have had to fight in court because of the gaps and gaps in these agreements. Without the help of a lawyer who practices family law in North Carolina and has experience in family law litigation, you could end up with an unenforceable or non-protective agreement. You could even be exploited by your spouse. Don`t take that kind of risk. You should consider consulting with our family rights lawyer on separation and/or separation agreements if: The law in North Carolina is fairly simple when it comes to separating the separation from the law. If you live separately from your spouse, i.e. under different roofs, you are considered separated by law. You do not have to do anything in writing or receive any order from the court. Their separation date is the day one of you moves out and starts living in separate houses. North Carolina law does not require you to hire a lawyer if you design and execute a separation agreement, so you may be tempted to do so on your own. However, online models or generic forms cannot replace the experience and knowledge of a qualified lawyer.

A separation agreement is legally binding, i.e. if you make a mistake or leave the necessary information, you risk fines or even fees for non-compliance with the jurisdiction. You could also cost yourself a lot compared to the agreement itself, especially if your spouse has a lawyer and you don`t. The lawyers at the law firm Vasquez, PLLC, know that amending a separation agreement can be difficult, if not impossible. That`s why it`s so important to contact us before you accept anything. Our team will work with you to develop a reasonable separation agreement that will protect your best interests, both now and in the future. In most cases, we strongly recommend that we try to negotiate a separation agreement before resorting to litigation. It causes less stress on you and your family and keeps your personal business private.

In a separation agreement, you and your spouse have control over what is happening. You don`t have a stranger who makes decisions that influence your life. The importance of a good separation agreement cannot be overstated. Our divorce and family law practices family law exclusively in Wake County, North Carolina. Much of our family law practice includes separation and separation agreements in North Carolina. When interested parties speak to our family lawyer, many of them ask a variation of the following questions: At the Vasquez law firm, PLLC, we realize that a separation agreement is often a good way to ensure that your rights are protected during your separation and the divorce process that follows.