Microsoft office 365 end user license agreement

What is Office 365?

Traditionally, Microsoft Office is really a software application which you download and install onto a number PC’s beneath a single or multiple user license agreement.

First introduced really and expanded in 2013 to incorporate new plans, Microsoft Office 365 is really a pay-as-you-go subscription version providing ONLINE usage of various software and services taking off the need to have your individual Microsoft Small Business Server. Typically the plans range from:

Microsoft Office Suite (word, publisher, excel etc)
Microsoft Exchange Online (hosted email)
Microsoft Lync 2010 (communications server)
Sharepoint Document Management (document server)
Skydrive Storage
Malware Protection

So is MS Office 365 meets your needs and your business?

The Pros of Office 365

Your applications is usually accessed via any device (including mobile), through any internet browser as long as you hold the correct permissions and having access to an connection to the web, (even wi-fi).
Reduced capital expenditure
Instead of handing over for new versions, Office 365 upgrades are automatically included inside your subscription
Multiple users can have having access to the same documents, by way of example you can store documents in Sharepoint 2010 and develop the ability to make changes, review versions or perhaps leave notes for colleagues.
Removes any infrastructure headaches if you ever need to undertake office relocation.
Greater server stability, that has a high uptime Service Level Agreement. (assumes network reliability)

The Cons of Office 365

Your information is stored in 'the Cloud' in Microsoft Data Centres so that you are just a few both network and bandwidth. If your net connection fails you may lose use of your software and data until it really is restored
You have little control over this 'cloud' environment your results are stored in, whilst you will find uptime guarantees any datacentre infrastructure failure may have a direct influence on the availability of Office 365. If Microsoft or another high end Data Centre provider outages occur, smaller businesses have no leverage.
You may consider there being higher security risks connected with 'online' data storage. If this can be a key factor for the business, you'll find upgrade possibilities open but they might be cost prohibitive.
Application performance could possibly be slower over a net connection, particularly if you have web based users with inferior internet connectivity and broadband speeds. This could possess the knock on effect of reducing productivity
There are limits on the number of email recipients you might have within a round the clock period

Service level agreement for subcontractors

Today, the hub on the small business and home-based entrepreneur may be the computer system and network. For many users and businesses computers will be the lifelines on the company, but suppose they suddenly crashed? Will your laptop service contract cover faulty work, loss of data, or future problems?

Before signing binding agreement and allowing an IT contractor to do work on one’s body or network, it is important to read the details in it. Often times, unprofessional businesses may offer almost no in the way of a manufacturer’s warranty. Contracts will alert you to those contractors who would possibly not carry the credentials required to ensure your future success, and this will alert you to low-quality technical work. It is important to only use companies who offer reputable computer support services.

Be mindful of poorly written computer service contracts

Purchasing computer service contracts can be one in the most important investments you possibly can make in the future of one’s work. It’s incredibly important however, to discover a contractor with substantive training and also a solid service contract; or perhaps you may be governed by major problems down the line. Avoid this risk by hiring solely those professionals who are going to abide by your contract and invest time to understand what is protected in the contract.

One method to familiarize yourself with these contracts and really know what to look for is simply by previewing degrees of computer maintenance agreements that you can get online from businesses that produce contract templates. There are several agreement samples available including, computer service network contracts, network service level agreements and subcontractor agreement forms. No matter which agreement matches your needs, ensure the company carries a reputable reputation and that the agreements state that is at fault should future problems arise, the timeframes for coverage and ways in which much liability is included.

When to watch out for service guarantees

Any time you hire an attorney to provide computer consulting or tech support team, you must request and closely study the computer service contract. Again, researching service contract templates will equip you for reviewing contracts. A few in the most common agreements include:

  • Consulting Services Agreements – This identifies the project to be performed, and defines the terms and price and payment.
  • Network Installation and Maintenance Agreement – Details the guarantees and expectations for your stability, safety of networks, and liabilities.
  • Subcontractor/Independent Contractor Agreement – Ensures subcontracts and independent contractors perform on the specifications outlined from the contract. It also details the scope on the job, price and necessary solutions should the job not meet your standards.

Before signing a legal contract, protect yourself if you take the time to discover the facts. Within the fine print in the computer service contract you want to search for clear and concise language that details the terms, coverage timeframes and liability coverage. The contract is the best key to knowing precisely what you are buying and who you happen to be working with.