Can Plastic Surgery Correct “Guy Boobs?”

Everyone has seen or knows men who lost a lot of weight, resulting in fatty tissue in the chest. People laugh and call it “guy boobs.” The guy being pointed out doesn’t find it funny, so he has two choices. He can work out like a demon to build muscle and shrink fatty tissue, or he can contact a plastic surgeon like Joel Aronowitz MD.

Are “Guy Boobs” Strictly About Weight Loss?

Not always. Both men and women produce testosterone and estrogen. In men who produce more estrogen than testosterone, breasts grow. Obesity we’ve already mentioned. Exercise in general and targeted exercise specifically sometimes help the condition.

Newborn boys and boys in puberty also find themselves with the problem. Newborns get an abundance of estrogen through the placenta, while boys in puberty might have more estrogen than testosterone. As the boys age, hormone levels even out and so do the “boobs“.

Speaking of age, older men produce less testosterone. Body fat in older men is common, too, so “boobs” can result from this.

Are “Guy Boobs” The Result Of Illnesses?

Yes. These conditions or illnesses can cause enlarged breasts in men:

    • Thyroid problems

    • Liver diseases

    • Trauma or injury

    • Kidney diseases

    • Adrenal or pituitary gland tumors

    • Lung or testicular cancers

What Are Typical Treatments For Enlarged Breasts In Men?

Depending on what the cause is, treatments for diseases will be in order. Stopping medications, if that is the cause, can be done. Hormone therapy is another treatment. If nothing else works, though, Dr. Joel Aronowitz has an answer.

How Does Plastic Surgery Get Rid Of “Guy Boobs?”

The patient will have a thin cannula inserted into the fatty tissue. Liposuction will then remove the fatty tissue around the breast. This procedure is just right for men with just a little excess fatty tissue around the breasts.

Another method of removing the fatty tissue is to make a small incision. The breast tissue is removed, the incision sewn up, and the patient is good to go. This procedure is right for those with a medium to large amount of tissue to be removed.

There are times when the circumstances require both procedures to be performed. Either way, the patient comes out of it with a nice chest.


You’ve just had surgery. You’re not going back to work for at least two weeks. There can be no sex, no exercise, and no work around the house that will cause friction or pressure on your incision for two weeks. The plastic surgeon might put in a drain, which will have to be removed in the office after a week or two.

It’s important to wear a compression vest of light pressure during your recovery. This will control swelling. Work with the plastic surgeon regarding returning to work, exercise, and everyday living. You don’t want to irritate the incision or what’s underneath.

Living with unhappy physical conditions renders people the butt of jokes. This affects their self-esteem, and no one should suffer that. Plastic surgeons are there for you, no matter the problem.

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