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There is a great debate taking place in the tax practitioner community at the moment with respect to liens. The IRS and several other state revenue organizations uses tax liens to secure their fascination with your outstanding tax owed. Liens include debate inside tax practitioner community his or her effectiveness in accomplishing any real purpose (in particular when the taxpayer does not have any assets) is debatable. In addition, when you noted, they damage to your credit rating and prevent via potentially borrowing to meet the liability. Here are 2 of the more common questions that I get asked around my practice.

How to Release or Remove a Lien

The relieve a federal tax lien is at the mercy of three major conditions: your credit card debt is paid entirely, payment with regard to your credit card debt is guaranteed by bond, and also the period of collection has finished (Publication 594, “Reasons We’ll ‘Release’ a Federal Tax Lien,” 6/4/2013). The relieve the lien ensures that the IRS has cleared both lien for your credit balances and the public Notice of Federal Tax Lien. The IRS will file a Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien with both state and local authorities.

There are additional alternatives for releasing and/or using a lien released. For example, should you enter into an “Installment Agreement to meet the tax liability, unless the Agreement provides otherwise, the IRS may withdraw the Notice of Federal Tax Lien” (Publication 594). The IRS may to push out a lien to “help you have to pay your taxes more quickly” (Publication 594). If the IRS wouldn’t follow the proper procedures, the lien could be released. If the lien was filed within a bankruptcy automatic stay period, the lien could possibly be released. Lastly, if it’s in your best interests along with the interests from the government, the IRS may to push out a lien.

Lastly, a lien could be released each time a taxpayer applies for just a discharge (of the federal tax lien), which can be defined as a removal in the lien from specific property. There are two major circumstances that give rise to the discharging of an federal tax lien. For one, the IRS may issue a Certificate of Discharge in the event you are selling the home. Removing or discharging the lien from the exact property is usually satisfied before sale. For more information about how precisely you might qualify to get a discharge, review Publication 783, Instructions on How to Apply for just a Certificate of Discharge of Property from Federal Tax Lien.

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