Wie kann ich den lame mp3 encoder herunterladen und installieren

Probably the most popular cell phone customization accessory among all cellular phone users are MP3 ringtones. Hearing actual song snippets or live recordings in the voices of the favorite family or friends members never loses its appeal. Not only are cellphone users hooked on it and also anyone who hears these pleasant sounds likewise. An MP3 ringtone can be so much more attractive and compelling to know compared to the very artificial sounds of polyphonic and midi ringtones – which sound so robotic and so are more in your house as sounds that can come out of microwave ovens or automatic washers.

MP3 ringtones can be found in a dizzying assortment of forms. There are music ringtones for sale in all possible genres, dialogues extracted from movies, humorous dialogues or parodies, sounds, the recorded voices of spouse and children like your children or perhaps your wife or husband. By far, typically the most popular MP3 ringtone type though are music ringtones. There is just something especially cool whenever you hear your chosen song snippet announce that you’ve got a phone call. A song also best describes your personality – romantics will decide to have love songs, artistic types might have to go for rock and lovers of nostalgia might wish to have standards or 50’s music his or her ringtones.

Getting MP3 ringtones to your phone is very easy now. One on the most popular sources will be the internet. There are so many websites that sell MP3 ringtones on the most popular songs too as oldies for download. With just some clicks from the mouse you may download an MP3 ringtone for your phone.

But suppose the song that you will be looking for isn’t available anywhere? The answer is very easy. You can make your personal MP3 ringtone using your individual music.

Making your MP3 ringtone from music entirely on a CD you have is relatively easy. You just need to download a number of free applications online that may help you convert an MP3 to a ringtone.

Here is really a step by step guide for Windows users:

  • The first thing you must do is to download several freeware applications online. These are Audacity and Lame (with the RazorLame GUI). These applications are accessible and can definitely be found by having a search engine. After downloading and installing the applications we can easily go to the second step.
  • Insert the CD you wish to get the MP3 from and open the free Windows Media Player. Click on the RIP button and either rip the complete CD and the particular track into an MP3.
  • Open the selected MP3 in Audacity and edit the song by choosing portion on the song that you intend to become your ringtone. It is your choice to decide how long you need to make your ringtone

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