Act Administration Enterprise Agreement

“long-term leave conditions applicable to the agreement”: see section 113, paragraph 5). “qualified employee term” of a price, an enterprise agreement, a determination of the workstation or another instrument, that is, one of the following terms, insofar as the term refers to workers in the textile, clothing or footwear industry: “Objective of the allocation of modern enterprises”: see section 168B (1). “multi-entrepreneur contract,” an enterprise agreement within the meaning of subsection 172, paragraph 3. “Part of a single company”: see section 168A(6). (b) the process of modernizing enterprise instruments under Part 2 of Schedule 6 of the Transitional Act; and “relevant worker organization” under a “Green Fields” agreement, a workers` organization empowered to represent the industrial interests of one or more workers covered by the agreement, with respect to the work to be done under the agreement. “State industrial instrument”: a distinction, an agreement (individual or collective) or any other industrial instrument or other industrial arrangement, i.e. “company,” a company, an activity, a project or a company. “training agreement,” a combination of work and training, a training agreement or a training contract that comes into force under a state or territory law on worker training. “individual contract of state copied”: see section 768AC (5). “initial state agreement” on a copied state employment contract: see paragraph 768AC (1) (a). b) with respect to an agreement on green grasslands, see section 193, paragraph 3.

(a) an enterprise agreement approved pursuant to Section 186, the date indicated in the agreement as the nominal expiry date; or (b) subsection 139, paragraph 1 (which deals with modern distinctions). `rules of procedure`, the FWK procedural rules set out in Section 609. “State or Territory Ohs Act”: see section 494(3). . Note: Sections 641 and 642 deal with the termination of the order and suspension for misconduct or incapacity to work. (a) for a business transfer between an employer in a national plan and another employer in the national plan, see section 311, paragraph 1; There you go. The “pilot” of an aircraft includes a pilot who is commanded, co-pilot or pilot of another description. . A “High Level Council,” a national or state council or association that is effectively representative of a significant number of organizations (in the normal sense) representing employers or workers in a number of industries. . “Continuing service” has a meaning influenced by Section 22.

. “disability worker,” a national plan worker who uses a disability pension under sections 94 or 95 of the Social Security Act 1991, or who would be qualified, but for section 94, paragraph 1, point e) or 95, paragraph 1, point c) of this Act.