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Industry research shows the increasing using technology in facilities of nearly every age. Self-storage operators are employing the Internet for marketing, rental payments an internet-based reservations. Facilities are gaining from computer-management software, surveillance cameras accessible over the Internet, and digital video recorders.

One emerging item inside technical arsenal could be the self-serve kiosk. When looking for strategies to increase profitability and enhance customer satisfaction, more storage owners are looking at kiosks, including a lot of the largest names inside industry for instance U-Stor-It, Simply Self Storage and Extra Space Storage.

Self-storage kiosks enable prospects to rent self storage units 24 hours a day whether or not the manager isn’t available. A potential customer will take a virtual tour with the facility, opt for a unit, invest in a lock, pay money for the unit, use a rental agreement, and in some cases sign up for tenant insurance. Existing tenants will use the kiosk,which interacts in real-time having a facility’s management software,to create payments increase their accounts.

Lease Up Faster

Some operators are discovering that kiosks can unlock new revenue streams and also free financing funds. I currently use kiosks at 4 of my locations in Indiana, and they’ve got helped me accelerate the lease up as we add more units. I also attribute the kiosk I installed this past year with the rental of more than 100 units out of more than 2,000 within my facilities. As a result, among my facilities achieved in excess of 92 percent occupancy for only one year of operation.

This rental activity has allowed for any more favorable financing package which makes way to start the development on the next phase from the construction at our facilities. In addition, the faster the lease-up, the higher quality the term on the loan I can get for step 2.

The additional rentals consumed by the kiosk allowed occupancy to exceed or eighty-five percent stabilization occupancy level faster, thus accelerating the timetable for expansion. In most individuals communities, there exists a lot of people working until 5 p.m. or 5:30 within the evening, with been being released in after hours and renting a unit at 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. We’ve had some customers can be found in at midnight to rent units while I’m drooling in my pillow. We have learned that these self serve kiosks have added great value to the operation.

Kiosks Collect Late Fees

I also discovered another added bonus with the kiosk: a chance to always collect late-fee payments. When I reviewed his balance sheet, I developed a startling discovery. We’re actually collecting more additional fees than ever throughout the kiosk. It’s generating extra revenue and it allows customers to can be found in and pay their late fee without needing to face my managers, with immediate access towards the facility. If someone wishes to get into their unit after hours, knowledge to pay the late charges to get in. They don’t should contact the manager or even the owner asking to have a break.

The very first time a customer is late we normally waive the late fee. When they can be found in after hours, there is absolutely no one here to waive that, therefore, the kiosk automatically charges the late payment fees. One of our own facilities collected a lot more than $700.00 in additional fees during the first 2 months with the year, which was greater than the amount collected all of this past year. The trend duplicates the same experience at our other locations too. The ability of keepers to gain favorable financing terms faster because of using a kiosk during lease-up is definitely an added value we seldom speak about,” says Robert Chiti, CEO of OpenTech Alliance Inc., manufactures of any self-storage kiosk. “On the surface of that, to witness how late-fee collections can ramp up an ongoing revenue stream for any self-storage operator is stunning.”

Better Customer Service

While managers remain accessible to greet customers, respond to questions and take payments, the kiosk loosens my staff to pursue revenue-generating activities. We have a lots of people can be found in and pay on the kiosk, wave “hi” to your manager leaving. That allows our manager to produce marketing calls without getting interrupted to gather a payment.: In the ages of ATMs and self-service checkout at your home improvement centers, some customers like the speed of employing a kiosk to striking up a conversation that has a living, breathing manager. Others take more time to warm-up to a self-service machine. The kiosks also tie with another modern unit: the mobile phone. Our managers take cellular phones with them and a lots of times someone will call plus they can direct them for the kiosk after hours. Should a buyer need assistance while using kiosk, you will find there’s lifeline to immediate help. There is a call button about the kiosk that goes directly to your manager or in our call center to assist them.

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