Tenancy Agreement Extension Template Uk

Some of you may know that because of a ridiculous case (Superstrike v. Rodrigues), landlords were obliged to serve the rental deposit to tenants the support required when a tenancy agreement became periodic. Fortunately, as of March 30, 2015, owners are no longer required to re-deliver IP if the deposit is protected and the required information has been provided during the initial validity period. They are not obliged to make a commitment now (the lease could say, one or two months before the expiry, they must make their intentions known by the announcement). Most leases, including Shorthold Insurance rent, start with a fixed term. There can be no change to the lease for the fixed term unless both parties agree. The same conditions apply in the expiring lease, but the only difference is that the new lease becomes periodic. The “period” depends on how often the rent is paid. If the rent is paid z.B. on the basis of PCM (per calendar month), the contract is monthly.

The same principle applies when the rent is paid weekly or two weeks. I still think the most flexible option is to arrange the lease periodically, and that`s my preferred option 🙂 First check the links below with your original rental date, note if the deposit is still protected. Even if you find it protected by one, check all three. So call the company concerned and ask if the coverage was continuous, I say because sloppy agents often forget to renew their coverage (usually based on insurance), which sometimes expires in 15 months if not renewed. An ongoing contract has the advantage that neither party is obliged to do anything unless they want to terminate the lease, which may be helpful in certain circumstances. I wanted to extend the lease for an additional year with a six-month break clause just because I live with my family and there are two little babies in the house and we wanted some stability. Thank you David. Babies (twins) were born last September. The tenant who wants to stay got her mother as a guarantor when she accepted the lease (on the recommendation of the brokers, since she had a CCJ) for a dispute with a company for which she had worked. I use an agent just to leave and they have all the checks a year ago. I think the monthly rent was paid by the guarantor this month. I don`t mean to be rude, but I have doubts about their ability to pay rent in the long run, so ask if it would be wiser to seek termination and let the fixed term end If you have a break clause in your contract and want to use it, you should send your notice in writing to the landlord or executive agents.

Your rental agreement defines the address to which the address should be sent. If you send it on paper, it is useful to send an electronic copy. 2) Sign a periodic lease at the end of the lease, instead of starting a new fixed-term contract, z.B. for 6 or 12 months, you can start a “periodic lease” which is a new lease that sets the duration of one month (or one week) and which can then continue. Assuming they have an AST, they cannot be evacuated without a court decision, which would require valid justifications under Section 8 or Section 21, but in the absence of a break clause, notification s21 can only be notified two months before the end of the rent. I just bought my first purchase to leave an apartment with the tenants in place and the rent ends in March 2015.