The Truth About Canadian Pharmacy Prescriptions


The diverse benefits of Canadian internet pharmacies made them among the favorites of American customers. A decade ago, patients solely depended on traditional pharmacies to get their prescriptions filled. Severely sick patients depended on other people to buy them their medicines. Those who bought from traditional medicines were often kept waiting in line. Some had to face problems such as unavailability of drugs, high prices and insecurity from buying their medicines due to their medical status such as having a sexually transmitted disease. Today, patients have access to a better alternative in the form of online Canadian pharmacy. This has been proven to be a major relief to millions of patients around the globe. Customers no longer have to bear with the queuing associated with buying from the local pharmacy and those who are indisposed can just order their medicines online. All the customers need is access to an online Canadian pharmacy and they can purchase their drugs right away. A Canadian pharmacy can offer a range of services that satisfy their patient’s needs. One of these is giving out prescriptions. While it is true that they are servicing a huge domestic market, they also cater to customers based in the United States. These pharmacies are capable of filling out prescriptions from common colds to controlling sugar levels. It is understood that these pharmacies can read prescriptions that were issued by Canadian doctors to Canadian patients. How about the case of American customers? In most cases, a Canadian doctor is required to rewrite a prescription that was given by his American counterpart in order to make the process of dispensing medicine legal. Unlicensed pharmacies usually do not take heed of this process and just dispense medicines with only profit in mind. The negligence of some businesses has led to much scrutiny by both the US and Canadian authorities. The citizens of the United States are usually warned regarding counterfeit Canadian drugs and this is justifiable with the rising unscrupulous people who are selling non-quality drugs. These counterfeit drugs may contain dangerous components which can greatly harm the health of the patient. There were also reported cases whereby legitimate drugs that were past their expiration date were seized by illegitimate sellers to be sold on the internet. They also dispense improperly manufactured drugs. Because of this, a Canadian pharmacy should make extra measures in gaining the trust of customers based in the Unites States. Some of them have arranged for a visit by a Canadian based physician to a US based patient for examination before filling out a prescription for Canada drugs. This is one of the effective means to promote a Canadian pharmacy. Canadian pharmacies as of this date are filling out more prescriptions like never before. There are firms that claimed that they actually filled out as much as 3000 prescriptions in just one day. This is indicative of how Canada drugs are warming up to the public. Despite the measure to regulate Canadian pharmacies, there will always be people who want to take advantage so precaution should be exercised, but Canada drugs as an option should not be totally dismissed.

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