Wells fargo non disclosure agreement

Due on the over regulation within the Franchising Industry as well as the litigation it is very important keep impeccable records. From the first call, email for the signing in the franchise agreement everything needs to be documented. Below is often a checklist we devised for our franchise company the other I wish you’ll consider when making your own. I recommend you copy this post and then modify it to suit your business model.

You should be aware that without right documentation you will probably find your company entangled in meaningless and wasteful litigation rather than spending time on expanding your business and name brand. Below is our sample checklist we use in the Car Wash Guys, maybe you have this and modify it when needed, I dismiss any copyrights for you. Now remember our Franchise is really a specialty type business, mobile car wash along with the franchisee should be in excellent shape, where your business structure may wish to screen for other activities.

  1. Telephone Interview with Founder or Designated Person. (Minimum 30 min.) Friendly conversation; Lots of listening. Notes is going to be taken on “Pre-Screening Phone Worksheet”. This worksheet will probably be kept in information if prospective franchisee is qualified. A resume will likely be asked for now. It must be faxed or mailed to headquarters. If none is accessible, one is going to be created from the unit interview.
  2. Resume Is Reviewed and when compared with notes from phone interview for consistency. If it can be acceptable, we proceed. If it truly is not, process ends here. If, during the product interview we designed a resume for that prospective franchisee, it are going to be mailed for them so they can utilize it in their next interview. We will also send a replica to A Contract Employment Agency, a firm with whom we network. They will then send us qualified prospects.
  3. Timed Run is carried out by prospective franchisee. Designated Person will time prospective franchisee using a running track. He or she must run one mile within just 7:a half-hour. “Timed Run Form” is going to be signed and dated by both prospective franchisee and Designated Person. If , He or she fails test, they will probably be given exercise schedule according to their actual time. They may try again by 50 percent weeks, or once they feel ready.
  4. Ride Along having a crew. Two crews will probably be assigned to a different prospective franchisee. After the run, on the same day, prospective franchisee will pay out all day helping a crew.

Second Ride Along will occur the next day with a different crew to ensure that the prospective franchisee understands the amount of work there is certainly.

  1. File Is Created in prospective franchisee’s name. Included are: Pre-Screening Phone Worksheet, Resume, Timed Run Form, Ride Along with Summaries from Crews. This checklist will likely be paper clipped to front of file.
  2. Letter Of Intent is demanded from prospective franchisee. When received it’s put in file and “Request to Join Team” form is shipped out.
  3. Request To Join Team Form is mailed to prospective franchisee. It have to be mailed way back in 15 days or prospective franchisee must return and work over a third crew for starters day. Hesitation brings about not quite sure yet or they falsified information.
  4. Reviewing Of Request To Join Team Form will probably be screened by two Ride Along Crew managers and three other franchisees or independent contractors, a lady not regarding our company, a Quality Control consultant, a buyer or the founder. All people Involved obtain one vote except Founder; he gets three. (Unless there is often a third Ride Along Crew, create gets only two). Prospective Franchisee need to have 2/3rds. (12 Total, 8 to win!)
  5. Request To Join Team Form Is Faxed in our favorite leasing company if they are going to be borrowing to acquire the franchise or Wells Fargo Bank the location where the credit card processing is going to be done. Leasing company will notify us if prospective franchisee is credit worthy and fax us a TRW listing. Wells Fargo will perform a background check to see if prospective franchisee qualifies for the merchant account.
  6. Extensive Background Check will likely be done by a contracted private investigation firm. Check will incorporate: FBI Report, Court Records, etc. He/she must pass or any other arrangements have to be made.
  7. Meet With Prospective Franchisee – This are going to be the first official one-on-one meeting. Present with this meeting is going to be prospective franchisee, with his fantastic advisors, spouse, parents, investors, etc. Also present: Founder or Designated Person and eight other associates, members in the Executive Committee and franchisees or independent contractors.
  8. Vote On Prospective Franchisee to view if prospective franchisee is a great one. All information are going to be on the table, literally. On the table will probably be: Credit Report, Wells Fargo Approval Application, Leasing Company Tentative Approval, FBI Report, Court Records, Letter of Intent, Etc. He/she will likely be able to defend themselves against hearsay or false home elevators collected documents. Other items on table will probably be Pre-Screening Phone Worksheet, Resume, Timed Run Form, Ride Along Summaries and naturally, The Request To Join Our Team Document. All nine people vote; Anyone absent may have their vote replaced by Founder or Designated Person. (2/3rds to win)

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