Netsuite Subscription Services Agreement

If your order for Bronto Services was placed before July 1, 2020, this Bronto Online Professional Services Addendum regulates the professional services and training Oracle offers to the customer. Bronto Online Professional Services Addendum is integrated into the Bronto Subscription Services Agreement (published in October 2019) and the Transactional Bronto Subscription Services Agreement found on The after-sales service ordered after January 16, 2018 and before March 11, 2019 refers to the following description: the customer must not encourage (a) others to modify, modify, disassemble, decompose, decompilize, recompile, reproduce, download or copy (including data structures or similar documents produced by programs); (b) accessing services or using them to create or support, directly or indirectly, products or services that are competitive with Oracle; or (c) license, sale, transfer, distribution, distribution, relocation, use, commercial use or provision to third parties, unless this agreement or purchase order permits. Each order form defines the customer`s specific user rights with respect to the customer`s use of the services (“use rights”). It is a service contract and the customer does not receive a licence under this agreement. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your users do not exceed the user rights specified in the order form. You agree to use the services in accordance with the agreement, rules and all applicable laws and regulations, including laws and regulations relating to spam, data protection, intellectual property, consumer and child protection, pornography, obscenity or defamation. The customer must not incite or allow others to use the cloud service to harass a person; Damage or rape of people or property publish material that is false, defamatory, unwelcome or obscene; violation of data protection rights; Promote bigotry, racism, hatred or evil; Send unsolicited mass emails, spam, spam or chain letters Infringing property rights Violating existing laws, regulations or regulations, or in some other way; (b) perform or disclose cloud service calibration, availability or performance tests; or (c) perform or disclose service performance or vulnerability tests without Oracle`s prior written permission, perform or disclose network detection, port and service identification, vulnerability scanning, password cracking, remote access or cloud penetration testing (together the “Acceptable Use Policy”). In addition to Oracle`s other rights in this contract and in the customer award form, Oracle has the right to take corrective action in the event of a violation of the Authorized Use Directive, and such corrective actions may include removing or deactivating access to material that violates the directive. “Support Services,” the additional, fee-paying technical support services made available to the Customer for cloud service under the conditions outlined in this document. E-mail/SMS messages; Additional services.

During the lifetime, the customer can use the cloud service to send this amount of e-mail or text messages, as shown in the corresponding order form. Not all unused messages will be transferred within this current time. Orders for additional services (i) must be subject to Oracle`s acceptance of such an order form and (ii) must be coded with the initial duration of the customer`s subscription. Orders for additional e-mail or SMS messages are subject to a high rate equal to the sum of the rate on the initial message of customer engagement plus 25 percent of that rate.